NOI-BOI is made from individually selected oak barrels, which are handcrafted by a small family business in Portugal specialised in producing premium barrels. The wood for these barrels comes from oak trees mainly grown in France. After felling, the wood dries for 36 months, which allows the wood to become very hard and dry before the barrels are carefully and beautifully crafted by hand. The buoy’s outer parts are built in stainless steel. Following the production of the Barrels in Portugal, they are delivered to a Swedish company specialized in steel manufacturing and supplier of  stainless steel products for several of Sweden’s most famous sailing boat shipyards. Here the final hoops are attached to reinforce, stabilize and enhance durability of the buoy.


Find out more about NOI-BOI's advantages below...




The advantages of using oak for NOI-BOI are manifold:

Density of oak

  • The density of oak varies between 0.6-0.9 gram/cm3. Thus oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. Since oak is extremely resistant to weathering and decay, it was also chiefly used in shipbuilding.
  • Due to oak wood’s strength and durability, nails and screws used in the construction of NOI-BOI can be solidly fixed making NOI-BOI a very strong and robust product.

Swelling of oak

  • The processed oak is varnished with a special coating (see section ‘coating’ for more details) which protects and seals the wood from any moisture which can lead to swelling.
  • Oak is known for its relatively low swelling degree if it should get in contact with moist surroundings. Oak wood swells 0,16% with a change in moisture of 1% which is much less than the swelling rate of other woods such as beech, spruce, pine and ash. Furthermore, oak wood is extremely resistant against decay and fungal attack. With these characteristics in combination with the unique coating process which INRA Nautics GmbH applies, an ultimate and unique product has been developed, which, immersed in water and treated properly, can be indefinitely long lasting.

INRA Nautics GmbH individually selects each barrel by checking the wood for any quality issues, such as black and damaged wood or any other evident quality  issue. Since the surface characteristics of the buoy vary with respect to the grain markings, width of the wood rays as well as number of annual growth rings, each buoy becomes a personal unique piece of workmanship!



The steel used for the outer parts of the buoy:

  • Consists of acid-proof stainless steel (EN 1.4404)  used as the standard steel for maritime products.
  • Due to its high percentage of nickel and molybdenum (Cr-Ni-Mo), it has greater resistance to reducing/non-oxidizing acids or halogen-containing entities.
  • The carbon content is so low that intergranular corrosion whilst welding or processing is prevented.
  • It is not magnetic and has a excellent formability, weldability and strength.
  • Stainless steel may under specific circumstances become subject to corrosion due to electrochemical reactions, especially in warmer saltwater areas. INRA Nautics GmbH therefore uses a sacrificial anode to prevent this from happening to NOI-BOI



In order to guarantee optimal protection, the buoy is subject to two coating phases:

Phase 1

  • Two coats of crude linseed oil are applied to the untreated buoy. Due to the high absorption rate of the oak, the wood of the buoy is sealed.
  • Once fully dried and set, a hard, waterproof and weatherproof protection is achieved.
  • The advantage of a linseed oil wood treatment is that it is a simple process that yields high durability and maximum protection.
  • Linseed oil applied to untreated wood renders a pleasant colour enhancing the original colour of the wood and grain.

Phase 2

  • The buoy is coated in total with eight layers of polyurethane varnish. Between coats the buoy is polished with sanding paper of different grit sizes to ensure an even and smooth surface before painted with further layer of varnish. Eventually a wonderful deep colour wood is achieved which becomes the hallmark of NOI-BOI
  • The light amber colour highlights the natural colour of the wood.
  • After drying, the wood is extremely resistant against scratching, wear, mild acids and alkalis which makes the buoy a very long lasting product.
  • The clear varnish coating ensures long-lasting protection against UV rays.



We also offer...

Have you ever seen a buoy
that is made from oak and stainless steel?
Probably not!

NOI-BOI is defined through its high quality resources
that are selected and
processed by hand

we are a customer oriented company
that aim to support every client individually

The registered design of NOI-BOI is the first of its kind on the market. The product combines old tradition with modern-day design. Not only is it a true eye-catcher, NOI-BOI improves your surroundings by reducing the amount of synthetic materials in our environment. Simply: it brings the maritime past back to life!

  • NOI-BOI is unsinkable.
  • The three-pronged rod is a practical construction to attach your rope whilst you are out with your boat.
  • The rotating loop at the bottom of the buoy allows you to easily attach the bottom chain from any direction.
  • This feature prevents movement by the buoy to unwind the attachment to the mooring. The loop on conventional buoys will eventually rust, which hinders rotation that will potentially damage your mooring, or in the worst case, burst due to corrosion leaving your boat without a mooring.
  • The size of the lower rime leaves you enough space to attach additional ropes.


NOI-BOI’s individual components determine the overall Quality: because each component of the buoy is handmade with the greatest of care and meticulously inspected, a high quality standard is guaranteed.

European oak is known to have a hard and durable surface as well as a very low attrition rate. Combined with stainless steel and the unique coating, the risks of:

  • corrosion;
  • damages due to extreme weather conditions impacting under or over Inflation which can lead to bursting or leakage;
  • porousness caused by UV-rays or the effects of salt water exposure; are notably reduced.

In short: this product can last indefinitely if handled correctly!


INRA Nautics GmbH is a customer-oriented company. That is why we offer our customers support in the entire process of purchasing, using and maintaining NOI-BOI. Our company offers its customers:

  • A 2 year warranty on NOI-BOI (as opposed to the normal market based 1 year warranty);
  • Continued support during the maintenance period of the production to ensure longevity. Should anything adverse happen to the buoy, please contact us immediately;
  • New nautic products in the NOI-BOI line are currently in development and will be added to the INRA Nautics GmbH portfolio;
  • Minimum handling costs of the product;
  • Availability for questions of any kind by phone or email (e.g. regarding the production of the production, sizes and prices of the buoys, maintenance of the product).